Major Projects

Humanoid & Legged robotics

RoboCup: Standard Platform League (SPL)

First Team from South Asia to qualify for RoboCup SPL!




Footstep Planning Among Obstacles for Humanoid Robots

Collaboration: Tohoku University (Japan) and Hokkaido University (Japan)




NUSTBOT - 3 Humanoid Robot

NUSTBOT-3 Humanoid Robot is the 3rd in NUSTBOT Humanoids series developed by RISE Researchers at NUST.



Mobile Robotics

Autonomous Robotic Wheelchair

Collaboration: Sakura Wheelchairs (Japan)





Motion Planning for Mobile Robots

Planning among Static & Dynamic Obstacles




Environment Perception for Mobile Robots

SLAM, Perceptual Aliasing and related problems




Human EEG Steered Intelligent Wheelchair





Human Tracking and Following for Service Robots




Motion Planning


Sampling Based Optimal Motion Planning

Improved Variants of RRT*




Autowave Based Optimal Motion Planning

Variants of PCNN



Human-Robot Interaction


Communication through Expressive Emotions




Interactive Humanoid Robot



Cybernetics & Bionics


Design and Development of an Intelligent Robotic Prosthetic Hand




Design and Development an Upper Limb Exoskeleton Device





Design and Development of an Active Ankle-Foot Robotic Exoskeleton Device