Robocup SPL


Team-NUST 2015 Descriptive Video



RoboCup (Standard Platforms League) Qualification 2015


Team-NUST from NUST - SMME's Robotics and Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Research Center has qualified to participate in the RoboCup Standard Platforms League (SPL) contest! This is the first time in history that any team from South Asia has qualified for the top league of the International RoboCup Competition! They are now preparing to go head to head with the titans of Robotics from around the world in this year's RoboCup International Competition in China! Others who have successfully qualified for the event include teams from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, University of Bremen, UNSW etc.


Team NUST RoboCup SPL 2015


RoboCup is widely known as the World Cup of Robot Soccer. The Standard Platforms League is the top league of RoboCup, and is played with Aldebaran's NAO Humanoid Robots. Each university participating in the contest prepares a team of NAO Humanoid robots to play soccer against other teams in the league in real time contest. Every robot in the field must be fully autonomous i.e. it must work without any intervention from any human or machine from outside the field. The robots must perceive the environment on their own, distinguish between the robots of their own team and opponents in the field, dynamically kick the ball as they walk on two legs and exhibit a team strategy for successfully scoring goals while also defending their own goal. Only the best teams from top universities of the world manage to qualify for this highly research oriented competition. This year the Team-NUST prepared by NUST SMME RISE Research Center stands among them!!




Dr. Yasar Ayaz (Project Supervisor)


1. Muhammad Talha Imran (Team Lead)

2. Abdul Rehman

3. Maham Tanveer

4. Shams ul Azeem

5. Abdul Haseeb Ayub

6. Umair Hassan Khan Niazi

7. Idrees Hussain