Specialized Trainings

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Past Trainings

Hands-on Workshop on Industrial Controls & PLCs

During May and June 2012, RISE Lab organized hands on specialized trainings on Industrial Controls and PLCs. Named as iCon-2012, the workshop attracted idustrial automation professionals, process control engineers, associate engineers and students of various engineering disciplines to come to grips with PLCs and HMIs through practical experience that is being offered in this 30-hour workshop.






Embedded Systems Workshop (Using PIC Microcontroller)

The Embedded Systems workshop: µ-Con 2011 provided an opportunity for Scientists, Engineers, Computer professionals and Students in the field of Robotics, Mechatronics, Electronics, Telecom, Industrial, Instrumentation, Controls, Automation and Systems to develop their skills in microcontroller programming through hands on experience. The workshop contents were designed to cover the fundamental operations and interfacing techniques for PIC Microcontrollers which are one of the most popular among modern day microcontrollers.





Innovation 2011: Robotics Workshop

In February 2011, RISE Lab organized a workshop on robotics for highschool and univresity students under the title of Innovation 2011. The main objective of this workshop was to expose the young students to various aspects of technology pertaining to robots and artificial intelligence. Program of the workshop included introduction to basic robot parts, actuation and sensory techniques used in robots as well as some hands on training using Lego Mindstorms kits for demonstrating various applications of robotics in the modern era.